The iDNA PGx CNS is simple and fast!

DNA Tests from iDNA Genomics are performed by collecting saliva or oral / buccal smear using a special swab at home or the physician’s office. Each of our DNA Tests are taken once in a lifetime.

IDNA PGx CNS contents


Contact your physician to have your test.

Note: Your sample analysis will be
processed after payment has been completed.


See here instructions on how to collect a buccal smear (saliva)

Sample dispatch

For free dispatch of your sample to iDNA Genomics, contact the courier company Geniki Tachydromiki (, to arrange a pick-up appointment, before collecting your saliva sample. Deliver the pack containing the saliva sample in the enclosed dispatched bag. Make sure that all enclosed forms are completed and signed.

The shipping address is:
iDNA Genomics P.C., 25-27 Evrota street, 14564, Kifissia
Tel.: 211 102 18 21


Within 15 business days from the day the saliva sample is received from our laboratory, personalised report results will be sent to you via e-mail or post, at the address you provided in the filled-in form.